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Never Give Up

By: Anonymous

This last weekend I thought I would venture out as the weather was fine and sunny for a change on the Saturday 12/02/2011. Not for one minute I thought I would be coming across anything really of interest as I had been over the field before on a couple of occasions with no luck at all, just the odd cartridge cases, scrap lead foil and pieces of iron. After an hour or so my arm was starting to ache as the field was still in stubble and not so easy to detect on, but using the 8 x 6 SEF made it that little bit easier.


So I continued for a little longer and then another good sign of high volume appeared. I thought, here we go again, another big chunk of lead. That was my mistake! When I opened the piece of mud had a beautiful silver ring staring directly at me. For a minute I thought it does not seem very old, as it is in very good condition, so I kept picking up a little more. When I got home I thought about sending it over the network data to another computer for identification. What a surprise, when someone answered me stating that it was an Anglo-Saxon, early medieval AD500-600. I was in shock and I was not expecting it to be my best discovery so far! Since then I have contacted my official contact for discoveries and it is in the process of action of treasures and possibly will end up in a museum. The purpose of the story is never to give up on a field, you never know what you might have missed, right?

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