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Never Expected Colonial Coins

By: Anonymous

I've been detecting around old cellar holes of a farmstead in western Pa with the E-TRAC. I've only had this machine since April 2014, mind you. On one of my last outings, I was exploring a couple hundred yards away from the farmstead and higher on a hill when I noticed a mound that appeared out of place. I detected around it on my way back to the truck but, didn't find anything. The following week, myself and brother-in-law decided to try again. My first hit was a screaming signal. Dug down 5 inches expecting a large cent. To my surprise, I saw silver but, not a US silver. It was a 177? Spanish 2 Reale! What an awesome feeling! First 1700's coin and it's silver! After my victory dance and 20 minutes later I get another solid signal, dig down 6 inches and I first thought it a large cent. After some field cleaning, I had no idea what it was but, saw the date! A two colonial coin day!!! I could not believe it. The coin turned out to be a 1788 Connecticut Copper coin (Miller 2-D). What an amazing hunt with a fantastic detector! Thank you Minelab!

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