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My V3i is Becoming My Best Friend!

By: Anonymous

Just a note to let you know I love my new V3i. Here's a few pictures not bad for a few weeks learning and still so much to learn. My local White's dealer Don in Midland Michigan was a big help and sold me my V3i (couldn't ask for a nicer guy). Two days after I bought it I got to use it and found my first dig, a dragonfly ring with sparkling blue stones in the wings on the dragon fly, I found several coins mostly clad, but I did find two Wheaties a 1924 and a 1958, I also found another ring a small silver band, all in the same day!

Since then I have found 6 silver coins, 2 gold clad dollars, but my favorite is 4 watches, a broach, 3 bracelets and 18 necklaces in two separate cashes, and the very next day 2 very nice rings and 2 medallions. I've found so many coins it's not funny just today I found a gold clad dollar, 5 quarters,12 dimes, 5 nickels, and 25 pennies 1 1925 and a 1884 Indian head. Needless to say my V3i is becoming my best friend.

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