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My Oldest Coin

By: Anonymous

I had just gotten my shiny new X-TERRA 705 a week earlier. I had used it a couple times and was impressed with the feel and performance. I had owned other detectors from other companies, but the X-TERRA 705 felt like the first professional detector I had ever owned. I decided to take my new machine to a football field and an old school I had hunted several times before. I never gave it much thought at first then I got to notice that I was digging deeper than ever before. WOW!


I hunted a while and in an area I had covered many times before I got a sweet silver sound, eight inches later out comes a 1918 Mercury Dime. I get on the cell phone and call my father “Guess what I just found?” I hung up and walked less than four feet away and bingo! I find an 1870 Indian Head Penny! My first, back on the phone…only this time dad says, “That’s not an 1870, they are rare.” I said yes it is! It was my oldest coin, and I am sure I would never have found it using my other brand detector. By the way the Mercury dime sure was pretty, but the penny brought US$140.00. Thanks Minelab. Owning a Minelab sure does pay for itself!