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My M6 Story

By: Anonymous

My husband, William, has been relic hunting with the 5900 for several years and when we got married he bought me a Classic 3 so I could go with him. This summer both of us put our name on the list for the 8th "Diggin' In Virginia" hunt that John and Rose Kendrick put on. William was selected right away but I spent a week or two on the alternate list before being informed that a spot had opened up enabling me to go as well. About a week before the hunt, William surprised me with a new M6. Needless to say, I was very excited about the upgrade and was even more excited about the upcoming "DIV." The first day was miserably cold and wet. William found half a dozen bullets while surface hunting, and the best I came up with was 3 shotgun shells and a piece of barbed wire fence.

The next day was "much" better. We surface-hunted for a while before coming across the site of a Union cavalry camp. Neither one of us had ever dug a hut and the more I watched them being dug, the more I wanted to be in one myself. By the end of the hunt we had dug 5 huts and my personal haul was: 3 Whole Spencers, 4 Spencer bullets, 1 three ring bullet, 1 Colt pistol bullet, 3 grommets, 2 rivets, 1 iron button, 1 Spencer casing base, 4 iron buckles, and an 1858 Ferry Pass. The Ferry Pass is my favorite relic that I have dug so far. It is most likely from either from PA or NY, as those are the two states that were represented in the cavalry units that camped there. When I first discovered it in my first hut, I thought it was some sort of "souvenir" flattened penny that some modern-day passer-by had dropped. Once we got it cleaned up a little, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was very wrong.

On the front is depicted a scene of a steamboat and above it the phrase "NAVY YARD ROUTE." The back reads "REED ST. FERRY - J.H.T. - 1858 - PASS THE BEARER." We showed it to several token collectors and other enthusiasts hoping they might shed a little more light on the origins, rarity, etc. of my find, but no one had ever seen another like it! I LOVE my M6! As long as I'm spry enough to put the coil to the soil, I'll be a White's customer. Thank you for making such a great machine.

My husband has also had some luck with my M6. Shortly after the DIV hunt, he ordered an MXT. While waiting for his MXT to arrive, he went out with my machine. Since he has hunted our farm for years, we figured he had pretty much scoured out most of the good stuff. After being out for 15 minutes in a spot he has been over countless times, he got a good signal. Digging over 2ft. into the ground he pulled out a 12 lb. solid shot cannon ball!!

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