My M6 Made 2011 a Year to Remember

By: Anonymous

I bought a White’s M6 in March of 2011. Little did I know how many great finds would be in store for me throughout the year. I detected many different places including old schools, parks, home sites, fairgrounds, colleges, and former amusement park sites. I was told that many of these sites were “hunted out” over the years.

After awhile it became a challenge to hear that a site was hunted out because I would usually walk away with some good finds as my M6 was able to get great depth and excellent target separation in trashy areas. My best finds included a 1798 Large Cent and an 1808 Spanish ½ Reale. I can’t wait to get back out there to unearth some more treasures in 2012!

Here's a summary of my better finds:

    67 silver coins 20 silver jewelry 1 silver Spanish ½ Reale 33 Indian Head pennies 4 Large Cents 4 V-Nickels 9 Buffalo Nickels 1 2-cent piece 1 Canadian half penny bank token 325 Wheat cents Around $300 in newer coins

Thank you White’s for making such great detectors. I found the M6 to be extremely simple to use yet very powerful, and the build quality of White’s sets the standard for all other metal detectors.

my-m6-made-2011-a-year-to-remember-1 my-m6-made-2011-a-year-to-remember-2 my-m6-made-2011-a-year-to-remember-3