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My Luck Has Changed with My Coinmaster

By: Anonymous

I have had my Coinmaster for about three months. I started out slow by only finding a few clad coins but this week my luck has changed. I have attached a photo of my first gold find, on the beach near my home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It is a four gram Scorpio pendent. Then two days later two decanters full of pennies, totaling about $24. Based on the newness of the coins they are victims of Hurricane Katrina.

I owned a GoldMaster in the 60's which lasted forever so it was a no brainer when I bought another White's. I am already looking at upgrading for more features.

my-luck-has-changed-with-my-coinmaster-1 my-luck-has-changed-with-my-coinmaster-2 my-luck-has-changed-with-my-coinmaster-3