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My Heart Stopped!

By: Anonymous

First beach hunt and my heart stopped! I am digging every signal as I scoop up the sand I see diamonds and lots of them. Found a bracelet! Well it was not real but never the less you can't take away the thrill of the find. Then drove to and old farm and hunted there I found and1883 Morgan dollar around what appeared to be where an old barn may have been.

I hunted several places over 2 days.
My totals One heart stopping bracelet!
1 1883 Morgan Dollar
3 1967 Kennedy Halves found in what appeared to ne and old dump in ditch.
3 1944 wheat pennys found in an old closed park in the country.

I can't wait for my next outing. Heading to North Texas to hunt a old school site from the early 1900s. Just got permission to hunt on the land today.