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My Heart Skipped a Beat

By: Anonymous

My girlfriend and I drove down a gravel road to detect an old church/school built 1879. It was clear it was built for function as there was nothing fancy about it. It did boast a beautiful view of farmland on all sides, and across the street a well groomed cemetery.

I was told the church had been well hunted numerous times, but I couldn’t resist since my E-TRAC has found 87 silver coins in one year; some in places that were supposedly “hunted out”.

After an hour of not finding any coins, I heard the sweet sound of silver with a 1-48 Fe-Co reading near an old concrete slab with a water pump in the center. I was only able to swing in one direction because of the slab. Could it possibly be silver, or could an underground pipe from the pump be affecting the reading?

At 4 1/2” my heart skipped a beat when I saw the beautiful sight of an 1879 Morgan Silver Dollar! The date was the same year the church was built! I did find a piece of a rusty bolt and nut in the hole also, so they may have affected my reading. After getting the Morgan out it read 1-43 Fe-Co.

It must have been well hunted, as all we found besides two wheats was $3.78 in clad in the picnic area behind the church. I hope we get a chance to go back again.

No children study within its walls today, but the old church continues to serve as a meeting place for a small congregation. The church has changed little in appearance in the 132 years since its construction.

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