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My GMT Rocks!

By: Anonymous

Days like the one I've just had are why I've loved detecting for more than 30 years. Already in love with my White’s Prizm 6T, I'd been promising myself a new White’s GMT for a while. I wanted something more geared to the goldfields over here in Australia. So I bought the GMT and am I glad I did. As well as finding gold it's also shown itself to be a great coin and relic finder.


A few weeks ago I'd spent a fruitless couple of hours working some old gold diggings. I then came to the fence surrounding some private property, a farm. I could see the diggings extended onto the private land. Just then I saw the farmer crossing the open field on his quad bike so gave him a friendly wave and beckoned him over. After a short chat he readily gave me permission to go onto his land. It really pays to get permission.

Within a short time I had a small 0.9 gram nugget. Within a yard of that up came a lovely old belt buckle with an ornate cricketing motif on it. These were very popular in Australia during the 19th century. What was really impressive was the way the GMT 'grunt' was identifying iron, saving me a lot of time I'd have wasted digging rubbish if using many other detectors. A half hour later I dug up a very impressive solid silver coin, an English 'crown' dated 1889. The obverse had Queen Victoria's head and the reverse showed St George slaying the dragon. Hardly able to believe my good fortune, I continued. Within a short time that mellow tone from the GMT had me carefully scraping about 4" of dirt away to reveal another nugget, this one 2.3 grams. The two nuggets can be seen between the buckle and the coin in the photos.

The beauty of working on the goldfields is that you're as likely to find old coins and other relics as you are to find gold. If you have a machines such as the GMT which sounds off on all of them you have a pretty good each way bet.

I hope all you folks have a day like that one now and then. All the best of luck!