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My First Standing Liberty

By: Anonymous

So I went back to this new, old house I have been hunting. Standard stuff, old pull tabs, copper washers and can slaw, I look for reasons to dig, not for reasons not to dig. Mixed in with the trash were a couple of pennies and clad dimes. I had a feeling about this place and knew there was (is still) old Silver here. Well about 30 minutes in I hit this huge high tone, you know the one that says the coin is only an inch deep OR an aluminum can 11 inches deep. I checked with my pin pointer and boy it was right at the surface. I had hope because I had dug a '29 Merc and a '43 NewZealand One Shilling the previous day. So, I dug a reasonable plug and the rim was just peeking at me from the dirt. I got underneath it and got it loose from this rocky soil, could see it was a quarter, and thought I got a Barber, cool. I looked closer...



WOW, I was so stoked. I jumped to my feet and held that awesome Quarter towards Heaven and thanked God out loud.

Later that day I gently washed it in water. No scrubbing involved. 1919S I check the book to discover that I had found one of the more valuable and more desirable SLQs. Not only my first but a more valuable coin and in incredible condition.