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My First Seated with the VX3

By: Anonymous

I was out hunting with (for the most part minus one) my usual group. We had hit an older park in a nearby small town and I wasn't having much luck, other than clad and trash. I found my son and a friend detecting at the back of the park, and after comparing minimal finds we decided to move on. There was another park just down the road so that’s where we decided to try. Upon arriving, my expectations of anything old fell through the floor, as the park looked to be built within the past 10 years.


I pulled the VX3 from the back of my car anyway and geared up. There was a small gazebo about 30 feet in front of my car, and I decided to head straight towards it, using it as a reference for a mental grid. I got about 10-15 feet into the grassy area when I got an iffy coin signal masked by iron. I worked around the signal, trying to isolate in pinpoint and decided it was stable enough to dig. I went about 4 inches down and pulled out my pinpointer, and found what appeared to be an electrical box knockout.

In my head the iffy signal was making sense. I looked at the side facing me, which appeared smooth, then flipped it over. WOW! I could see the seated liberty clear as day when I brushed off a little dirt. I stood up, might have even screamed, took a step and fell straight backwards onto the ground with arm up stretched. As I was laughing uncontrollably, a fellow hunting partner, Pescadore on the forums, looked over unbelievingly, and asked in an almost not wanting to know tone, "What did you find?" He grabbed it from my hand and was amazed himself.

This is my oldest find, and the only seated he has seen in 20 years of detecting in North Texas area. The iffy part of the signal ended up being a piece of rusted iron in the hole right next to where I pulled the coin. This coin had to be sitting right with it. Thank you White’s for my first seated, and for the great discriminating ability you built into the VX3.