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My First Depot Silver Coins

By: Jessica m.

So I finally got my first depot silver coins, all of our club we went to the viewfinder, December 30, 13 was much I wanted to find something beautiful, we split up and I with my friend Tom and I went to a nearby forest, about a mile after no real signal to the moment, beautiful tone, and the result was Germany 5 Mark s church, no joy, then otherwise ordinary pair of buttons, so I went back to the place where I found 5 Mark, Tom gave up and went back to pole. Já at the point where I kicked a coin but no signal to the number of meters signal and I pulled 2 Mark Hindenburg, next to another, and another signal, I've just crawled on his knees and looked only dohledávačkou, come and see the outcome, I wish you all the best finds.

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