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My First 1700's Silver

By: Anonymous

On December 1st I had plans with a club member to hit a 1760's cellar hole that has yielded great results this year... We've pulled 13 coppers mostly early to mid 1700's... 6 pieces of US silver, 6+ Indian heads, and the usual suspects... Lead, Buckles, buttons, farm parts, harmonica reeds, etc.

We arrived and got started about 9:15 am... For the next 5 hours we recovered buttons, copper projectiles, lead ball, buckle pieces, and a few what is its... Then at 2:30 pm... I was close to our cars working slowly and I got what I thought might me an Indian Head Penny... It turned out to be our first copper of the day... There was a Rose in the middle and we could see 172X... It was a 1722 Uncrowned Rosa Americana Penny.

10 minutes later and 30 foot away... Bang bang... solid 10/35... again I was thinking Indian Head Penny... but the ferrous did seem a little high at 10... they nomally come up as an 8... 4-5" down... silver !!!!!! and its Colonial :-) I've been Metal Detecting for 3.5 years now and have dozens of 1700's coppers... but this is my first 1700's / Colonial Silver... 1790 Spanish Half Reale... Thank you Minelab.

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