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My Dual Field is Killing it at the Beach

By: Anonymous

Our beaches have been hit hard by Nor’easters this winter removing lots of sand. My two friends and I went out for a day of detecting. We were getting lots of targets...I was clearly getting more depth and more targets than the two other detectors (Excal & Etrac). I ended the day with over 100 coins, some silver, many old bullets & musket balls and some silver jewelry.

I moved to the bottom of the slope to check for targets and started finding quarters and heavy lead items. Then I got a very strong tone with the Dual Field PI took out 2 big scoops and could see a yellow object starting to show at about the 12" mark I reached into the hole and pulled it out. I began to look at the ring thinking by the color it's got to be 18 or 22k, I then looked inside to see .9999 a 24k ring!! I got home and weighed it...12.3 grams at today’s gold price that is over $600.00 in gold!! Just to make sure the ring was real my jeweler tested the ring confirming it was 24K Gold!! Thanks again White’s!!

P.S in the last 10 days I have found 8 rings, 4 pendants and 20 silver coins with my Dual Field PI!!

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