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My Dream Coin - a New England Oak Tree Sixpence!

By: Anonymous

We've all heard it before, no site is hunted out. That statement rang true to me one Sunday Morning in September when I decided to hunt a site I had been to many times and had always came home with something for my finds collection. I decided to head to an area that I had only searched minimally because it was usually overgrown, but this year it was surprisingly easy to detect.


I had been there only 10 minutes when I got a good dime signal that bounced only a little between 30-36 very clear and was down about 4+ inches. I cut a plug and checked, no signal, checked my hole, still in there. I went down a little deeper and pulled out a handful of soil, it was there. I fished around the pile and found the target, at first I was disappointed it looked like a clump of foil, and then I looked again and blew the dirt was a New England Tree coin! The find of a lifetime in my eyes!

I hurried home shaking in disbelief; I got home took out my reference book and found that it was an Oak Tree Sixpence. The details were all clear and readable. The coin is now being graded after being examined by an expert the opinion is that the coin is in EF condition but may have some environmental damage. This coin values at 18,000 in EF condition!!! Thank You Minelab for making my find of a lifetime!

my-dream-coin-a-new-england-oak-tree-sixpence-1 my-dream-coin-a-new-england-oak-tree-sixpence-2