My 9 Copper Day

By: Anonymous

So my day began with selling popcorn at the local post office with my son for Cub Scouts. While there his mentor in school came by. A sweet older woman whom my son loves. I asked her where she lived and she told me the home right down the street. I told her my hobby and before I could even ask, she said come down anytime I like. So later that day I went.


She lives in a house from 1772 in a town from the 1600's. I brought my buddy Wayne along with me for the hunt. This ended up being the best overall day I had. My first good target rang in at a solid 12-44 on the E-TRAC at 6". Expecting a memorial penny I dug an 1805 US Draped bust half cent. Next target at 2" was a solid 12-47 and I expected a clad quarter at that depth when popped out an amazing looking 1820 US Matron Head large cent. That is how the rest of my day went.

I ended up with 1820 & 1846 Large cents, 1797, 1805 & 1809 half cents. The 1809 Classic head is in remarkable condition. 1727 & 1734 King George II English pennies. A 1723 Woods Hibernia Farthing. And one smooth copper with no detail. Also at this property I dug an 1837 Henry Clay presidential token, a 1909 O Barber quarter that would have been worth a lot but I scraped her with my digger, my first civil war 3 ringer mini ball and a couple Civil War buttons. Also some modern silver as well. And an awesome looking fully intact colonial shoe buckle. All in all it was an unbelievable day. My friend who uses a different detector managed 3 Large cents of his own. We had 12 total from this property. But my 9 shows what the E-TRAC is capable of. I couldn't have done it without my E-TRAC!!

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