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MXT Specializing in Hunted Out Sites!

By: Jessica m.

A solid tone showing a 55 VDI at about 8 inches – it sounded good, but I wasn’t expecting the 1884 IH Cent that would be in the bottom of the hole after removing my plug at this hunted out 1870 home site. The owner had already told me that I could waste my time detecting the property if I wanted but I was not the first to ask so I would not find anything. Obviously the previous hunters did not use a White’s detector when they searched. In one morning I found the 1884 IH, a silver Rosie and numerous wheat cents - needless to say, the MXT found items left behind by the previous detectors. [split] Another “hunted out” site that I detected after purchasing my MXT was a site in NW Georgia that had lots of Civil War activity on it in 1864 – this site had been hunted since the 60’s and I was guaranteed that I would not find anything on this site as well. After visiting this site several times within a year I had not only found a few items in this “hunted out” site, I had amassed a collection of over 60 different bullets in almost 20 different varieties, I had also found numerous buttons, numerous friction primers, artillery fragments, 2 wedding bands and my personal favorite relic from the site an 1859 regulation US Cavalry Spur at over two feet deep – I found it using the Super 12 Coil for my detector. On the day I found the spur I also found two coins at this site, an 1879 IH Cent and an 1883 V Nickel. Who says that any site is hunted out – I am a firm believer that a site is never hunted out as long as you detect it with a White’s detector. Needless to say I have been extremely pleased with my purchase of a White’s detector – I have tried several of the other popular machines on the market right now and I always come back to my reliable MXT, now I am considering an upgrade to the DFX, if my wife will let me!!! Thanks for reading my story.

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