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MXT Saves a Marriage!

By: Jessica m.

A friend of mine in Roanoke, VA mentioned about a month ago he had lost his wedding ring several years ago while seeding his front yard. When I heard that my ears perked up and offered to find it for him. Talking some smack, I told him I could probably find it in about 10 minutes with my MXT. Well he took me up on the offer. When I arrived at his house on Thursday he showed me where he had seeded his front yard which was a fairly large area. Of course he had all his kids and wife out to see if I could keep my end of the bargain up. It was a good spot to hunt with no ground clutter. I'd rather be lucky than good and in about 13 minutes I hit a strong +35 and told him his ring was right there. He thought I was crazy and I handed him my digger and told him to dig it because I didn't want to scratch it. He had a grin from ear to ear when he pulled his ring out of the plug. His wife couldn't believe it. It was great to see my friend and his wife get something that they treasured back after thinking it was gone forever.