MXt Picks Up a Colonial Shoe Buckel

By: Jessica m.

In my area of town in central Pennsylvania a new bridge was under construction crossing the Susquehanna River. I would go to the construction site from time to time to check out the progress. One day taking a walk around the site I saw where that a lot of topsoil had been removed. I noticed shards of colonial pottery lying about and I knew what I was looking at because I am a colonial hunter. I decided to go home and grab my most trusted MXT and do some swinging. Right away there was a lot of iron tones. I thought “Boy this will be hard to pick up a good target.” While swinging around I got a nice colonial button. About 10 minutes later I got a really nice hit. The target was mixed in with all of the other garbage. It was only 1” deep. I kicked the topsoil around with my foot and out came this fully intact colonial shoe buckle. I said to myself “Dang, this is why I have never wanted to try any other detector company.” White’s kicks some serious butt!