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MXT Outstanding Detector

By: Jessica m.

I just want to tell you thank you for an outstanding detector!!!! I bought my MXT a little over a year ago and decided to see what I had buried under my front yard. I started at the bottom of the yard and started making my way up to the flower garden. I was pulling up a lot of clad change and some hot wheels cars. I was amazed on how accurate my new MXT was on depth and target ID!!! I made my way up to the flower garden and got a strong tone with a target ID of 1 cent, 10 cent VDI +77 and 4 inches. I get down and start to dig expecting a penny. Instead I pulled up a "Fashion Academy Gold Medal"! My only question was how did it get in my yard? Since then I have found lots of change and numerous items. I just want to say thank you once again for an outstanding machine and you now have a customer for life!!! Happy Hunting!!!!

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