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MXT Finds Read Shell and Button!

By: Jessica m.

[split] I've been hunting with the MXT for going on 2 years now and I'm still happy I made the choice to go with this machine! I couldn't ask for an easier machine to use, pretty simple and goes deep to top it off. Back in March 2007, I was fortunate enough to attend my first 'Diggin' in Virginia' hunt organized by John and Rose Kendrick. Soon after lunch on the first day of the hunt, my buddy Steven digs a nice fuse plug at the edge of a massive field and little did i know the spot had more to offer. Roughly 15 minutes after he dug the fuse plug I get a VERY loud strong signal, VDI is locked on +0 Foil and it says 4 inches deep. The halo was too big to be foil so I had to investigate this one a little further but I was fully expecting a big piece of iron junk. I dug about a 6-inch plug and scanned the hole and the target was still in there, this time pinpoint says 7 inches. Couple more minutes of removing dirt and the shovel finally makes contact with the target roughly 10-12 inches down. Not long after making contact, I exposed this hard to come by Confederate Read Shell with lead side loader plug still intact!! For my first shell find I was speechless HA, HA. Electrolysis treatment came courtesy of Steve Adams and I must say it looks great. In May 2007, my friend Jimmy invites me to a new hot spot where he had found some nice buttons including a beautiful South Carolina button. We pulled into the location, chatted with the landowner for a few minutes and off we went. Not too far from where he had found his S.C. button a couple days earlier, I get a deep signal I could barely hear but it was consistent. Moments later this Confederate Staff Officer's cuff button pops up from 10 inches down! This was my first Confederate button. The MXT delivered on 2 of my goals for the 2007 year, an intact artillery shell and a Confederate button. Thank you White's for making one awesome machine!