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MXT Finds an Ordinary Ring

By: Jessica m.

I have been using the MXT for several years now and recently made a very interesting find. I was searching for Civil War relics near an old farmhouse in NW Georgia when I found what I thought was just an ordinary silver ring. I was excited to find the ring because jewelry isn’t something that I find a lot of, so I put it in my container that I use for buttons and went on my way. When I got home I cleaned the ring and discovered that it was no ordinary silver was a coin ring made from a silver 1940 Washington Quarter....I had never seen this type of ring in person and was shocked to have found one - THANK YOU to White's for giving me the opportunity to find something this interesting - just so you know, my wife has since taken possession of the ring and wears it daily. She has also become my new detecting partner along with our daughter, all thanks to White's!

mxt-finds-an-ordinary-ring-1 mxt-finds-an-ordinary-ring-2