MXT Finds a 128 Year Old Foreign Silver Coin

By: Jessica m.

I've recently gained a great respect for the MXT. Since I purchased my DFX back in 2007 the MXT hasn’t even left the shelf until about a week ago. I decided to take it out to one of my favorite parks. I've combed this park in every direction with my DFX. I thought it was pretty well cleaned out. I took the MXT out because the DFX was in the other car and boy was I surprised what I found. I hadn't detected for more than 10 minutes when I got a really faint penny/dime signal. I dug an 8 to 9 inch hole finding nothing and was about to bury it back up because I thought it was just going to be another deep nail or something. I decided to dig one more scoop right out of the bottom of the hole. Lo and behold, when I got the dirt out of the hole and ran it under the detector I got a loud clear signal! I knew it was a coin right away, and knew it had to be old at that depth. [split] I found it, in my dirt and it ended up being an 1882 Russian 5 Kopek coin, that's no bigger than an old US half dime or a silver 3 cent coin!! I immediately went home, but later decided that there was no way I could have detected such a small silver coin so far down in the ground, so I went back to the park in the dark to see if there was something else in that hole. I dug around the sides and everything but there was nothing!! That's when I realized the MXT is an amazing machine!! I'll start using it a lot more!! Thanks White’s for making such great machines!!

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