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MXT Finds 3 Golden Coins in a Tot Lot

By: Jessica m.

Just a quick story about your MXT, I cannot begin to thank you for the ease of operation that you put into your MXT detector. I went out to some tot lots this morning for about 90 minutes or so. I used the factory settings and once again the MXT did not disappoint. Although this is not a big haul by anyone's standards the focus of the story is VDI numbers. Note that there were four gold-ish coins in the picture, a golden quarter (which is a first for me by the way), a eurocent, and 2 golden dollars. Each of these sounded off as a quarter - and the VDI numbers were between 79-80. The MXT was right on. You never know what is coming out of the hole, or in this case the wood chips.

mxt-finds-3-golden-coins-in-a-tot-lot-1 mxt-finds-3-golden-coins-in-a-tot-lot-2 mxt-finds-3-golden-coins-in-a-tot-lot-3