MXT and Deepscan are Finding Gold!

By: Jessica m.

I have two White’s MXT detectors. The first MXT is equipped with a Deep scan DD 1400 elliptical coil. The second MXT is equipped with a Shooter DD coil. We use the deep scan to scan the ledge you see in this first picture. A hotspot has just been discovered. One of my friends is standing by with a large breaker bar. We first use that to see if we can loosen the layer of rock we have detected. If that doesn't work, then we have to change tactics. [split] One of my partners just dug a gold bearing rock from the hot spot we are working on. The hot spot was bigger than we thought and the rock was much harder than expected. We have deiced to drill and put a charge to break up the rocks. We found a 30 ounce pocket of almost solid gold in one of the broken up rocks. It was about the size of a smaller football and nothing could be seen from the outside of the rock. The MXT was passed over it and the detector went crazy. I knew there must be something in there, but had no idea what it was. We sliced it in half and this is what was inside (see pictures). I was able to get 12 of these slices from that one rock. The only way we can mine this hard rock mine is with detectors. They make it all possible and the MXT is the best I’ve ever used. We have another brand name detector and a GMZ, but they are not used that often. The other brand is way too heavy and the GMZ is used by beginners. We use the MXT’s the most, they talk to each other if they are not about 25 feet apart. We have to use the big coil to find something and when it’s found, we bring in the smaller coil to determine its exact location.