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MX5 is the Best on the Market for the Money

By: Jessica m.

[split] I went out with a group to test the MX5 in an area that we have pounded. these people are seasoned hunters with high end detectors. I like to tell folks that with all of our experience we should be over 1000 years old. but that's another story. It really wasn't a fair fight because I was playing with programs to find the settings I like best. I dug a great many more targets then I normally dig because I didn't believe the detector. In all cases the detector was correct. the bad items were typically cut nails or junk. I kept thinking a bad deep target would get better when the detector got closer. the good news was when it locked on to a good target it was dead on. At noon when I broke for lunch with my playing around I was well behind the group in recoveries. I told the group I had a friend named MX5 & we had a new plan. In the afternoon I hunted in all metal & could hear faint targets many times that were off to the side of me. when I locked on to the signal I would switch back to coin & read the vdi. this approach let me cover a lot more ground. good targets always repeated. I hit a mid 1700's king George copper, an early large cent, musket balls & a piece of jewelry. I ended up with the most rev war targets. one of the boys beat me on earliest coin when he found a 1754 Spanish reale. The bottom line on the MX5 is that in my opinion it's the best metal detector on the market for the money. The things I love most about this detector are the tones, depth & threshold. check the pics out on recoveries.