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Minelab Leads The Way

By: Anonymous


I just returned from a week long hunt to Birch, Essex, England on virgin ploughed farmland. There were seven guys on the hunt total.

Here was the breakdown of machines used:

    1 person: Whites V-3
    1 person: Whites V-3 and E-TRAC
    2 persons: Explorer SE with Pro coils
    3 persons (including myself): E-TRAC

After the first day of using the Whites V-3 and finding nothing much of anything, the guy that also had the E-TRAC tried it on the second day. With the E-TRAC he found his first hammered silver. He continued to use the E-TRAC for the rest of the trip and found a few additional hammered coins. I believe he mentioned he would be selling the V-3 when he returned to the States.

The person that only had the V-3 never found any hammered silver.

I found three hammered (two silver pennies and a half grout) along with various other artefacts/silver jewellery and a few Roman bronze coins.

The other members of the hunt (with the E-TRACs and Explorers) all found many hammered coins, Roman silvers and other silver artefacts.

Thought you would be interested in these results…