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Minelab Kicks XP's Butt!

By: Anonymous

When I first got my E-TRAC, I had little hope, considering all the other detectors I had seen used. I purchased the E-TRAC near this last Christmas and was very anxious to see how it would perform in the spring.


The first place I thought to go is where my dad found a Morgan Dollar when he was my age. Hit it, no luck; few signals on the ball diamond... Having little if no hope at all after that, I found my first silver dime.

Now knowing my E-TRAC, We went back to the ball diamond, A solid 12-46 12-47 in the middle of nothing, I called my Dad over from where he was with his XP Deus, supposedly the best detector out there; he scanned for a second or 2 and gave me the junk face, I dug and dug after he had left and it turned out to be a pop cap... I was covering the hole and it fell out; a large disc, silver! I knew what it was, and immediately was flying over to my dad, It's a 1918 Half Dollar!

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