Minelab Finds What White's Had Missed

By: Anonymous

It was a chilly November night when my wife and I were invited over to my brother-in-laws house. Never wanting to miss a chance to swing my E-TRAC I was sure to load it up and take it with us. Once we got there I headed inside to talk with the family. Two of my brother-in-laws as well as my father-in-law are all avid detectorists and have been for over 15 years.

Die hard loyalists of another metal detecting company (White's) they expressed how they doubted I'd ever find much of anything in that yard as they had all been over it many times themselves. Not to be discouraged I headed back out to the car, grabbed my E-TRAC, and got to swinging.

At this point I was still learning all the tricks of my E-TRAC. It was my first year using it and I felt like I had become pretty proficient. I hit on a ton of targets including a ton of little aluminium clips from a siding project they had done on the house years ago. Finally I got a real good hit near the end of the driveway and excitedly got to digging.


Six inches down, nothing. Ten inches down, nothing. Fourteen inches down I finally found what it was my E-TRAC had picked up. Clearing away the thick black dirt I pulled out my first watch fob in fantastic shape. My in-laws were both shocked and happily surprised to see what I had pulled out of the ground! I think I made a couple Minelab converts that night. Thanks for creating such a wonderful machine!