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Maryland Penny Sold for $41,000 at Auction!

By: Anonymous

Audie and I have been detecting together for over 15 years as good friends and best buddies. If I had a good day and he didnt, I would make sure he did. Hes always done the same for me, and weve always shared artifacts.

Earlier this year we were given permission to detect some new grounds and we spent a pretty good part of the day there with not much luck. We decided to leave and spend the last part of the day in a crop field that we've been searching for years. Weve found some colonial artifacts and coins there in the past, and it was always worth another try. But that day, finds were few and far between. Just as we were ready to call it a day Audie got a nice signal on his metal detector. As he was digging I had walked up to him and ask him what he had. He said it looks like another flat button. So he tossed it to me to check out as he covered his hole. I could see that it was a colonial coin but it was one that I haven't seen before. I tossed it back to him, he stuck it in his pocket, and we headed to the truck thinking it was just one of those days.


On our way home I had mentioned to Audie that I would love to find a gold coin one day. His response was I don't want to find a gold coin. I wish I could find one of those rare coins that you don't see everyday. We laughed it off and went on to other conversations. When we got home he stayed for dinner and we cleaned the days finds. We had a few buckles and buttons - not too bad. As we were relaxing and talking about our next trip out he went over to my book shelf and pulled out the Red Book of coins and started looking for the coin that he had found. Low and behold, there it was. A Maryland Penny - a Lord Baltimore only the 7th one known to exist, and extremely rare.

It was a great feeling to find out that his wish had come true. We have never sold anything that we have found but this was like a winning lottery ticket. We were told to contact Stack in New York and the rest is history. It closed at auction at $36,000.00 and after the buyers fees it sold for over $41,000.00. Not a bad day of metal detecting. We were asked not to tell where we found it because the land owner doesn't want a lot of people all over his field. We have exclusive permission to hunt there and are welcome to come back anytime. We've been back several times and gone over the area with a fine tooth comb but only found small bits of scrap lead. It was a once in a life time find and I'm glad to be a part of it.

We started celebrating by buying two Minelab SE metal detectors from Bonnie at Kellyco. And we still arent coin experts, but are still best buddies. Stan

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