Making Front Page News

By: Anonymous

On Dec.1 2011 I was metal detecting in our local park with my E-TRAC, looking for old silver coins. I love this machine I call it my silver magnet because it is so accurate on locating silver. The high pitch sound and the numbers on the screen.


After finding a couple of 40's silver coins I got a solid silver reading at 6 inches down. To my surprise out popped this little silver case. Brought it home and cleaned it up a bit called the wife over to the kitchen sink and asked her to open it. Inside was a tightly folded wet newspaper clipping of a memoriam which read's:

"KROHN - In loving memory of my dear brother,Tpr. Charles Henry Krohn, killed in Italy eight years ago Sept.23,1944' it reads. You are not forgotten, brother dear, Nor ever shall you be; As long as life and memory last, I shall remember thee. Ever remembered by his sister Dorothy and family;"

I decided to call our local newpaper to see if they could help me find the owners, they took my story and posted it on the front page, top story of our newspaper. I got a call a week later, they found the owners and asked me to bring the silver case to present it to them. This made the papers agian, front page, top story which read, Happy ending to mystery..