M6 Sniffs Out a 1945 Quarter at 7 Inches!

By: Anonymous

My story is about this old place I have hunted many times with different detectors in Conroe Texas. It is an old spot that a TB Sanitarium used to sit. I thought the spot had long been hunted out because my finds there had dribbled to nothing. After I received my new M6 and donned my new 4x6 Eclipse coil, everything was affirmed about White’s detectors and hunted out sites......AWESOME! The M6 is truly a wonderful machine! I found this nice silver ring and 1945 quarter and the cool thing is the M6 with the 4x6 coil sniffed the quarter out at 7 inches among heavy trash as this site is basically a loitering site for the misfortunate and there is plenty of trash. So happy to be the proud owner of the White’s M6!!!!