M6 Finds Walking Liberty Half Finally!

By: Anonymous

My 13-year old son and I went out detecting at a new spot last weekend in hopes of finding some silver coins. Since I upgraded to the V3i last year, he uses my M6 and does extremely well with it.

He has been detecting with me for the past two seasons, and he has always wanted to find his favorite coin: a Walking Liberty Half. So when we set out that morning, I said to him, “today may be the day you get that Walker you have been looking for.”

A few minutes after we arrived at the site, he got a very nice-sounding quarter signal that was pinpointing as a deeper target. He turned over the plug, dug down to about 8” then yelled out, “Dad, it’s a silver!....It’s a half dollar!” I ran over and he pulled the coin out of the hole. Slowly he wiped the dirt off the front of the coin and, sure enough, it was a 1919D Walking Liberty Half. We high-fived each other and then he did a couple somersaults in the grass. He was so excited and we will never forget that day!

Thanks White’s for making top-of-the-line detectors, and most of all – thanks for all the memories we have from using your products.