M6 Finds My First Silver Dollar!

By: Anonymous

On March 14th 2012 I took my White's M6 and sand scoop and headed to my favorite beach. When I arrived I couldn't even find a place to park. I had forgotten it was spring break, so I go to plan B. Always have a backup plan for such occasions. I put the beach on the back burner and headed to an old home site not far from my home. Started in the front yard and found a few clad coins. Headed to the backyard and started my grid pattern from the back corner of the house made a few passes only finding a few wheat pennies.

I was also finding a lot of canslaw which show up as good targets. One such target registered as half dollar/dollar. I dug a plug and set it aside scan the plug and found target still in hole. I dug a few inches deeper and reached in and grabbed a handful of dirt and saw a silver disc sticking out of the dirt. Took it and ran some water over it enough to see that it was a 1921 morgan silver dollar. I did my chicken dance in the back yard. I didn't care what the neighbors thought. I have only had my m6 for about 2 months and just bought the D2 10" coil for it. This is my first silver dollar in more than 11 years detecting. Thank you White's for making the best detectors on the market.

m6-finds-my-first-silver-dollar-1 m6-finds-my-first-silver-dollar-2