M6 Finds at a POW Camp

By: Anonymous

Over a year and a half ago a friend of mine mentioned the whereabouts of a WWII POW Camp in Michigan. He knew the land owner where he believed the camp used to be and granted us permission to hunt it. The first hunt was not as successful as I was a novice relic hunter at the time. If you gave me a coin signal under the M6, I would have it found in a jiffy, but relics were a new game for me.

I believed my friend was on to something with the location though, and so after the winter I returned to see if my research of relic hunting would pay off. That entire year was amazing! The White’s M6 paired with the D2 coil started to pull relics one after another. I was amazed at the history buried along the ridge I worked back and forth. Pulling out US and German buttons, coins, tools, and German dog tags along the way, I couldn't help but smile as I knew I was saving history from rotting away.

I know the field still contains more items to be found, but my White’s M6 has done quite the job thus far and I see no end in sight! Thanks White’s!

m6-finds-at-a-pow-camp-1 m6-finds-at-a-pow-camp-2