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Lucky Detecting Find

By: Dale H.

Aug 27, 2016 hunting at Casle View RV park on Table Rock Lake, with my new AT Pro. A very young boy, around 5 years old, come asked me what you doing? Told him metal detecting. He watched for a little and asked what you trying to find. I answered pennies and such. Then I sweeped over one penny and could see it just dusted over. I showed him and he picked it up. I told him it would bring him good luck. He put it in his pocket. Then he felt like it was mine so he put it in my trash pocket. I told him he could keep it for good luck. He wanted it back so I went through my trash and found it for him. I gave it to him and again said it would bring him good luck. He told me a broken shoe lace will bring you good luck also. And away he went. I hunted on down in about 20 minutes and here he came to see me again and he gave me a broken shoe lace. Made me a treasure for that day. I've been detecting since 1978 and I have never had that happen. I've had lots of detectors, found lots of cool stuff, but that day only clad coins, a toy car and trash. $1.52 that day in coins and a real treasure was when a little blonde headed boy hunts me a broken shoe lace. Promoting detectors and friendship.