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Lost Ring Found with V3i

By: Anonymous

On December 6th, at about 1:30 p.m., I got a call from James. He told me that his son had taken his wife’s 18K yellow gold diamond studded wedding set into the back yard and had dropped it while playing. James told me that he and his wife were both blind and asked me if I could come and help he and his wife find the ring. I could clearly hear the distress in his voice, and I immediately said of course. I told him I would be at his house at around 3:00 p.m. after I topped off my rechargeable battery. He told me that their house was located in the area of Sacramento, CA.

I arrived at the house at 3:00 p.m. and his wife Brandie, led me to the back yard where I was informed that the ring was lost earlier that very day. After a quick visual search, I was unable to find the ring in the thick grass, and I went to my car and retrieved my White’s V3i metal detector. I decided that my 10 DD elliptical coil would be best suited for this search. I selected my modified coin and jewelry program, and prepared to methodically search the back yard.


After talking with their son for a little while, I learned that although he had an idea where he dropped it, he was really uncertain as to the exact location. Based on that, I determined that a whole yard search as in order. I began my search. Finding bits or foil, a few pull tabs, some nails, a buried tent peg, and a host of other junk targets. When I hunt for jewelry, I dig all targets because I have found that jewelry will read as junk (pull tabs, foil, etc.) and also hide next to other junk targets. Well, after about a 45 minute search, I saw a VDI number of 37 and 3 green bars all lined up on my screen, and I knew I had hit pay dirt. After pinpointing the target, I carefully separated the grass, and saw her beautiful wedding set. I immediately went into the house and reunited Brandie with her ring.

To say the least, Brandie and James were both very excited that I had located the ring, and Brandie rewarded me with a giant smile and a big hug. Finding the lost ring had made her day and mine too. My weapon of choice, my White’s V3i metal detector, had once again done its job and helped me help a l with 3 green bars all lined up lost ring find its owner.