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Lost Home Site Metal Detecting Finds

By: Les H.

Recently, I detected on an unsearched area on our farm in NW Arkansas. I did not realize there had been a house place in the area until my Mom mentioned it a few weeks earlier. She said that when my grandparents moved onto the farm in the early 1940’s, the house and any out buildings were already gone. I started searching an old fence row in the area and within a few minutes turned up a large plow point. Moving closer to an area where a small spring-fed creek ran by the field, I started finding rusted nails - an indication that a structure had been there at one time. Along the side of the little creek channel, I found another large plow point, two cultivator points, and a hatchet head. They were found at depths up to about 8”. I only had a couple of hours to detect on that day, but I do plan to go back again. While the items I found are not valuable monetarily, for me they are a connection to the farm where I grew up. They were tools that some early settlers used to survive in the rugged conditions of their time. It’s fun to wonder about them - who did they belong to, were they lost in that location, were they worn out and discarded? I was using my Garrett Ace 250 in all metals mode, sensitivity up about 2/3, with a 9 X 12 search coil. The unit performed very well, considering it was only 23 degrees F at the time, and the batteries were only at 25-50% power. My pinpointer is a Vulcan 360. These tools, purchased from Kellyco a couple of years ago, have performed very well.

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