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Log Cabin Token Metal Detecting Find

By: Max Z.

On May 5th I had some off time so I decided to try my luck at a new park in Roselle NJ. I packed all of my gear that I purchased from Kellyco Metal Detectors into my car and I set off for the park. Once I got to the park I took my Garrett AT Pro, my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT and my Lesche shovel out of the car and started detecting. I detected for over 6 hours without one good signal, I did get plenty of bottle caps though. I was getting really bummed out from not finding anything so I decided to head back to the car. On my way back to my car I got a really incredible 80 signal on the AT Pro at about 8 inches and decided that this would be my last signal that I dug before leaving. I pin pointed my target and started to dig. Once I popped out my plug I knew I had something amazing. At first I thought it was a King George the first and I got super excited! Little did I know it wasn't a King George at all. It was something even better. Something even more desirable. A rare and beautiful log cabin camping token! I rubbed the dirt from the token and I immediately knew what it was. I started jumping up and down like crazy! I couldn't get over what I had just found, but like I always say if you don't dig it. You don't find it keep on swinging! That's my story I hope you enjoyed it! Sincerely, Max "Maxy Metal" Zaccone Add me on Instagram @MaxyMetal