Like Brand New

By: Anonymous

Hi there all metal detecting folks.

I wanna share a really thrilling moment with you all again. A few days ago, I went searching with a friend of mine.


We usually are with each other to go searching. So also this time, the plan ( hope ) was to find some ancient Roman and Celtic coins.

The field we could search was a potato field, so a really easy field to search on. After a few meters we found some small Roman coins, and I was a lucky one to find a really nice big bronze Roman locker pin.

Metal detecting finds - Celtic coins Then at 100 meters further, it happens. About a few meters apart from each other, 2 really perfect Celtic coins, over more than 2000 years old. Man I went crazy, I have found some golden Celtic coins before, but this bronze and potin coin were even more beautiful, because it is very rare to find them in this condition.

Well enough talking, just enjoy the pictures. All have good finds and best regards to you all!