Life can Turn on a Sovereign

By: Anonymous

I have three detectors, all Minelab and they have all paid for themselves. I recently graduated to the E-TRAC and although a little intimidated at first, within a few short weeks it has almost became an extension on my arm. For me, it's real strengths are in its ability to set patterns to allow you to target the good stuff.


I set a fairly tight pattern which I use almost exclucively in the parks to find gold and silver jewellery and coins.

There is one particular park I drive past nearly every day and finally got there to have a bit of a hunt with the E-TRAC. The targets came thick and fast and the E-TRAC also has a great ability to identify targets accuately. I keep coming up with different coins (quite a few silvers) to add to the collection everytime I go from as early as the 1860's.

This particular day I only had time for a quick hunt (about an hour or so) and within the first 20 minutes after digging several older coins, I got a signal which looked unfamiliar but good. I dug a plug and as it flipped over I saw a flash of colour that I recoginsed but not its size.

We have $1 and $2 coins in cirulation here that are commonly found, but I knew this was different. My heart started racing. With my pointer I quickly located the coin. There is a saying, "life can turn on a dime", well mine turned on a Sovereign. A full Gold, King Edward 7th Sovereign from the Sydney mint. There it was back in the light of day. I resisted the urge to rub it clean, but after a brief rinse at home it turned out to be in nearly mint condition. It dosen't get any better then that.

The only problem now is that the only cure for gold is "more gold"