Liberty on a Home Site

By: Anonymous

One of our members located an old home site in St Charles Missouri built between 1820 to 1830. The Home site is up on the market to be sold so I contacted the real estate agent handling the property and got permission to Hunt it on 12/02/2012. I was told the site has been hunted many times before. So we were not expecting to find much.

About and hour into the hunt in front of the main building, the ground was iron infested and my E-TRAC stayed nulled out the whole time. I got a good signal screaming through the null.

It was kinda' hard, but I finally got it to pinpoint on the coin signal, and started to dig. 8 inches down, out popped a silver coin. I knew it was a Dime, but not sure what it was until I showed another member the dime and he freaked out and said I had an awesome find.

An 1838-O seated Liberty Dime. He said it was worth quite a bit. only 406,000 minted that year of the no stars. I couldn't believe that I found a coin like that.