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Let the Beach Season Begin

By: Anonymous

I hadn't been able to detect for over a month waiting for a hernia operation. Finally, I was operated on 3-1/2 weeks ago. The doc told me to give detecting a try, if it hurts stop. So last weekend I headed to the beach to give it a try. Not even an hour in to it I had to quit, I just couldn't do it. Of all things, it hurt too much when I was filling my holes in.


This week I put the Excalibur II away and took the CTX 3030 to the beach for the first time. I wanted to detect so bad, with the CTX 3030 I could cherry pick what I wanted to dig. The man's ring and $2.03 was found on Saturday, the woman's ring and $.93 was found on Sunday.

What a way to start the season. I did figure out how to fill my holes. I back up to it and back fill it like a dog does. Hey, it works!

The CTX 3030 was a pleasure to swing even with a bad swinging arm. I'm having a ball and socket replacement in my swinging arm this Oct. Got to make the best of it now, I won't be able to swing a coil for four months following that surgery.

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