Last Summer was My Best Yet!

By: Anonymous

With the deep silver mode I was able to go over the same path a friend of mine with another detector and found over $6.00 that he did not pick up on the day before. I like to detect my local parks and I found three gold rings the day after our local cheese festival in the beer tent. I like to hit the local school that has a hot lunch program. The lunches must have been around 35 cents because I found around $40 in just nickels.

This coming summer I plan on going to upper Michigan and I can't wait to use my new updated V3i! The wife and I went to Saint Augustine Florida last summer to hunt on the beach. I was able to find two silver rings, a men's red ruby gold ring, some pieces of brass and an old nail in just a couple of hours at the beach.


In that same summer we also went to Copper Harbor where there are a lot of old copper mines and found some copper nuggets. As I was searching I hit something big in the ground and didn't have a big enough shovel to dig it out. I am going to go back this summer to find out exactly what that was. I also found some copper tools I believe were made by the Indians back then. I also found 2 copper rings, a couple of V nickels, 4 mercury head dimes, and 2 Roosevelt silver dimes in a local park.

I have so much fun finding money, silver and clad, to date I have found $190.50 with my Spectra V3i. When spring comes I will be back out there again looking for old house foundations, farm pastures, sidewalks and construction sites to find some great things. I love the deep silver mode, it took some time to get used to it, but it's the best mode I have ever used.

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