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Killer on Coins

By: Anonymous

I would just like to say Minelab will always be in my stable. I have been a whites detector person a long time. Almost bought a v3i until I heard it was complicated and had problems. I hardly ever seen any great finds on the forums that I visited. Well I started hearing this and that about the E-TRAC. Man I tell you the finds I seen with the Minelab's were amazing. I said maybe I am in the wrong crowd. Well I found a great dealer Woodland Detectors and the rest is history.

Now for the finds from last week and this week. The E-TRAC is killer on coins god I love this machine. I got some history of a few places back in the 1800s. There was a saloon three stores and a hotel on this spot. Now it is nothing but pasture land. I spent the better of three days on this site. I am still not through because I know there is more. I dug most of these coins around the saloon and hotel. Most were four to six inches deep. The two half dimes were about eight inches down. Enjoy the pics and keep building a great detector.