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Keeping Up With Family Tradition

By: Anonymous

This is my Landry family story. I've always remembered my Dad with a White’s metal detector and for us it was a fun family outing. Back then he'd find us kids a target and let us at it while he moved on. Oh the joy when one of us kids pulled a coin and if it was something else my Dad would come running.

I know now what he was after, Civil War relics. After he passed away, I inherited his old Goldmaster. I hunted with it until it gave out in Feb of 2011. I waited until May of 2012 to buy my White’s Coinmaster and I am so happy once again.

The best thing I've found with it so far is the 1931 Louisiana Licensed Chauffeur Badge #2714. When I'm out digging I'm constantly talking to my Dad, "Daddy help me find a ring!" LOL he listened to me once.

Just a few months ago my Mom called and said she had something for me. Turns out it was correspondence between my Grandfather and a metal detector company. Although I was told he never had one, the desire for the hunt was there. Seems it's in the Landry blood, passed down 3 generations. I'll stick with what my Dad taught me and that is White’s is the best.

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