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Karma Comes Around

By: Anonymous

I did a ring recovery tonight near a hotel in Lexington for Chris and Erin, who called me after searching for “metal detector rental” in Lexington (a search I deliberately intercept with my website at ( I try to intercept those searches because I know people who rent detectors are far less likely to recover items than if a skilled operator is available. I volunteer my time in Lexington whenever possible. I hate to see people waste their time, money and still not recover the item, especially something as special as an engagement ring.


The white gold ring with diamonds was tricky to find due to the trash in the area and very noisy traffic, but a bit of patience paid off. Wearing full headphones, I searched the area in beach mode with sensitivity turned all the way down to avoid deep targets. A slow sweep and careful inspection of low tones was done in a 10' x 25' area. As we did this, the anxious bride-to-be sat nearby - coming to attention every time I leaned over to look.

As usual, the person (her fiancee) who lost the ring remembered losing it in a slightly different area than it was actually found – off by 5′ or so.

I scanned a new area and a clear low-tone and surface-level depth came through loudly. A quick pinpoint and the ring was obvious in the grass. I handed it to the couple who were besides themselves with relief. I think they said thank you 500 times in the next 10 minutes. Several in the area watched the search, including the occupants of perhaps 300 cars that passed where we were hunting. Good PR for the hobby!

As usual, no reward accepted. In other news, I was denied permission for another old property. Karma? Where are you? It’s my feeling that karma comes around, and helping people out ends up in good things in the end.

As for Erin and Chris – I wish them a very happy life together.