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Kansas City Metal Detecting Find

By: Dustin G.

The story starts with weather this past Saturday 2/3/18 that got above 50 degrees. My son, Grayson, and I had some friends that moved into the neighborhood where we live in Kansas City. Metal detecting provides an opportunity for my son to learn about introducing himself to new people and asking for permission to dig. Some of the houses in the neighborhood were built in the 1940's and when it's close enough to walk home it makes for easy quick adventures. We got permission to dig and the challenge was on. The first one to find silver was going to be the winner. That was the bet. Not only was the Bounty Hunter the winner of the first silver, it was a silver ring! To top things off, Grayson found a 20 centavos piece from 1944 too! 12 Wheaties, 1 buffalo nickel, 8 vintage carbon brushes, a key, and $2.47 in clad. Overall it was a great loss for the Spectra v3i and a wonderful win to instilling a lifetime of metal detecting with my son. What a great start to 2018!

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