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Just What I Had Been Looking For

By: Anonymous

Recently I saw a TV programme where a group of metal detectorists were examining the site of a World War I British tank that had been destroyed in France. They found fragments of tank and from amongst the debris a Machine Gun Corps badge was found... I was really impressed, the design of the badge was such an evocative artefact from this most hectic of historical periods.


For a few days afterwards I kept thinking of the little badge and how I would like to find one... then shortly afterwards I was detecting and a low resonant signal was received in my headphones. Digging into the dark sandy soil I saw the glint of silver and pulled out what I thought was a tie pin terminal or club tie pin. Instead I was looking at two crossed Vickers machine guns, surmounted with a crown with the letters MGC (Machine Gun Corps) at the bottom. Now at the moment I'm not sure if it's official military issue or indeed the remains of a sweetheart brooch... either way thanks to Minelab I now possess something related to the MGC... so I thought I would share it with everyone...

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